Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Design Challenge

 This months Design Challenge over at Finki was "Seeing Circles". Jay has posted pics of peoples interpretations so head on over and have a squizzy.
Here is mine!
This neckpiece is made of Laminex samples and salvaged plastic (2 Pineapple-shaped fruit bowls to be precise!), wire, rivets and ceramic beads. Each circle is hand-cut by me with my trusty little saw - that's 52 that worked and who knows how many I pitched 'cos I mucked them up! I made the clasp because ready-made clasps just looked silly with it - I hadn't done that before so it really was a case of necessity breeding invention!
Circles inspire jewellery it seems, as that has been the predominant response to the challenge. Nip over to Finki to see for yourself. While you are there you might like to check out the lovely things Jay makes!


Betty Jo said...

This necklace is fantastic!
I know what you mean about cutting laminex...very tricky.
I love your button haul, and scoring a chandelier is like finding treasure. My friend came round one day with four in a box found on his nature strip!
As you could imagine they are now stripped bare.....

Rustic Tarts said...

Love it!

allyson adeney said...

I found you via Finki's Design Challenge.
Love this necklace! Beautiful.
Ally <'v'>

Anonymous said...

Love it love it love. Your very talented