Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Other fun stuff about travelling.

One of the best things about a driving holiday,is finding quirky places in the towns you travel through. For as long as I have known Melissa, she has created under the title of Mogs Designs. There is a story behind the name but since it is her story to tell, you can head over to her blog and ask her to tell it!

Imagine my surprise when I saw a sign that said "Mogs Antiques".  I just had to stop for a photo.

Well, I am glad I did stop because just have a look at this amazing place ...
... And that was just the OUTSIDE! You should have seen it inside - literally packed to the rafters with stuff! Some junk, some collectible stuff , antiques and everything from American license plates to fine bone china and truly, everything in between! The owner is clearly not that discerning about what they keep and what they chuck! Still, it was fun to poke through - albeit a tad dusty!

Someone who is discerning about the goods she keeps in her shop, is Kelly from Dear Prudence in Ballarat. The shop has gorgeous vintage wares - china and pictures, jewellery and clothing - lots of stuff, but beautifully presented and sorted. Kelly also fosters emerging artists by hosting regular exhibitions at the shop. Kelly gave me the scoop on where to go in Daylesford and I visited every place she suggested and had a great time.So, if you find yourself in Ballarat anytime soon, head to 434 Sturt Street and say Hi to Kelly and enjoy her lovely shop.

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Melissa said...

Looking fwd to all the photos!
Thanks Treas