Monday, August 31, 2009


You know that old saying "If you want something done ask a busy person "? Well I am beginning to think it is true! I have eased back on some of my previous commitments but am actually achieving LESS in terms of work! The luxury of being able to put things off until tomorrow is delightfully beguiling and I seem to be really good at it! I need to spend less time reading other peoples blogs (but it is 'research' really!) and more time at my bench. Oh well I had better go and see if I can dig up my work ethic - maybe it is lurking in the overflowing laundry basket or under all the dishes in the sink?!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spring is trying to spring!

Today was all sunshiny with the promise of Spring - yummo - but it looks like some wet weather is on its way! Well it is good to get the rain so we just have to keep the sunshiny yellow in our heads I guess!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks Melissa!

I just received a CD in the post chocka-block full of lovely photos from Melissa! She took some fabulous pics when she was over visiting and one of them was of my SALA set up - actually in focus and everything! I am so happy to have a pic that shows it in its entirety that I just had to share!


Memories of growing up and spending holiday time at the beach are amongst my most favourite memories. I have been lucky enough to share that experience with my own children and together we created lovely memories of great times spent together and with special friends. Times change and things move along and we now find ourselves saying good-bye to the little family shack where we spent our holidays. I felt rather sad about it because it means my children won't be able to share it with their kids but in the end it is just a PLACE! We carry our memories within us and I am sure that when my mob have families of their own we will create great new memories - together - I think that is the most important word - together. Sure I feel a little nostalgic for the place but when all is said and done I consider myself very lucky to have had it as part of my life in the first place and simply can't be regretful! These are some pics I painted on the walls one very hot Summer - I obviously can't take them with me so photos are the next best thing! And yes - it is a self-portrait!


There are other kinds of leavetaking! When a piece of your artwork is off to a new home it can be both exciting and a little bit sad! I keep in mind that the person who bought it must love it as much as me and by paying for it they enable me to get more resources to make more art! Kinda the Circle of Life for artists! This one was called "Third Drawer Down". It has lots of components and bits and pieces - stuff you might have in your junk drawer - every home has one - my fave component is the pig - a kids toy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Conflicting feelings!

I know that when you exhibit stuff part of the plan is to sell the stuff but sometimes when you do it feels a bit wierd. Perhaps it is because you are especially invested in the piece or were really challenged by making it. The sale of this piece is a bittersweet thing - I am happy someone loved it enough to spend their hard earned dollars on it and will get lots of joy from wearing it (I hope!) but I am a bit sad to see it go. It is a bit dopey to feel that way but there you go! The idea for this piece was floating around in my head for a long time before I developed the skills to actually make it!! I guess in one way it has been a part of my life for a while now! The felt in it was made on a weekend away in the Yorke Penninsula with my best pals and hand cutting those circles was a challenge! Actually, now that I reflect upon it, I am glad it has gone to a new home because it leaves space in my head to develop something new. Still, I don't know how painters ever let go of their work!

Weekend Bliss!

My two besties came to visit this weekend! They came along to check-out my SALA exhibition ( any excuse for a get together will do! ) and then we tootled about the countryside checking out other artists and of course stopping for refreshments! We saw some fabulous things but the best part was that we saw them TOGETHER! This adorable cherub was part of a water feature at a cellar door Melissa and I visited on the Saturday and the expression on his face sums up just how I felt when the girls headed off on Sunday - that lovely mix of melancohly and joy and contentedness. Ah bliss!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hitting the Oppie!

It seems like ages since I have had time for a little Op Shopping! Today I decided that as a reward for doing boring housework I would have one hour out from my gruelling chores and have a bit of a fossick! And look what I found! A GORGEOUS tin ( yes, yes, of course I need another one!), 2 Agatha Christie books, another silver tray and some CDs in perfect nick! I don't know what the little star shaped plastic thingos are but I am sure I will put them to good use - somehow, someday! All in all it was a very satisfying spend under ten bucks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

SALA is up and running!

There are so many exhibitions to see - I can't wait to go exploring! I set mine up on Friday - all went very smoothly! The venue is very accomodating and a really nice space. I love the way the work looks once it leaves your workbench and is all set up nicely! It is not the greatest pic - all that light is lovely for viewing the jools but makes photographing it a bit tricky! I am gonna have a wee break from creating and planning a big clean up in the workroom! Wish me luck with that task!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fave Ear-rings - so far!

These are my favourite pair of ear-rings that I have made for the up-coming exhibition - SALA starts soon ! I cut them out of a silver tray and etched them. It took several tries to solder on the wires and of course I chose to do it on a really cold day so I was freezing my assets off in the shed. I have been banned from having a flame inside the house .... it was a very small incident really - hardly any damage and no-one was hurt - but I am banished to the shed! If they sell during the exhibition I reckon I will have to make another pair for the eldest daughter - they are very 'her'! The veins are actually quite shiny so they stand out against the patinaed background nicely. Am trying not to panic about this exhibition - remembering to exhale!

SALA Festival!

Well the SALA Festival is almost here and I am madly trying to complete some work for an exhibition I am having at Barossa Valley Estate! I have called it "Blends" as it is jewellery made of a blend of traditional and non-traditional materials. All of these ear-rings are recycled from old trays, with sterling silver wires. I have etched and decorated using a hammer or engraving tool. All are hand-cut - I am definitely getting better at circular circles!