Friday, March 8, 2013

On my bench

Well apart from a god-awful mess ....

there is this ...

Things are starting to take shape for an exhibition in May. These are made from recycled wine bottles and reclaimed pewter. Feels good to see ideas staring to have actual form ...

Sunday, March 3, 2013


After a little hiatus I am resurrecting "Thrift-a-long" so if you would like to join in and share your thrifted treasures just click on the link below. I wasn't hunting for anything in particular this week but I had the good fortune to find some gorgeous beads to re-purpose.

 This collection is quite an organic bunch - wood, seeds, shells and bone. Oh and a lovely patterned white metal cuff.

This one might not be re-purposed because with a bit of a scrub up I think it will be a lovely additin to my cuff collection!

Lovely Job's Tears - what can I say? They remain my favourite natural seed bead.

I don't know what kind of snail these shells originally housed but I do love their delicate patterning.
Now, just to reassure my friends who may be starting to think I am turning into a hoarder I thought I would prove that I do indeed use my finds in my work!

I think those pretty shells with their soft grey patterns work nicely with the pewter - don't you?

The casting is made of reclaimed pewter that I poured into a handcrafted mold that I made. The little pearls are from a necklace found in an op shop and the other bits are recycled sterling silver, copper and leather.

There you have it - no need to plan and intervention folks - I am using my STUFF!
Hhmmm - not sure if I mentioned I also found 2 vintage linen tea towels, several silver plated trays, a vintage leather bag - oh and these ...

Join in and confess all ...