Saturday, March 6, 2010

To Market, to Market

If you happen to be in the Semaphore area tomorrow drop by St Bedes market and say "Hi" to me! My daughter and I are having a stall there. We will have handcrafted jewellery, second-hand clothes,elaborate candlesticks and some pretties from Miss Melissa over at Mogs Designs.
Here is a sneaky peek ...

Remember all those glass bits and pieces? Well here they are in their new incarnation!
Shiny, shiny candlesticks.


 Pretty jools from Viva la Diva


Garlands and brooches from Mogs Designs ( truth be told this is a pic from last year!)
It should be heaps of fun - there is live music and excellent coffee so if you fancy a little art and craft by the seashore, Semaphore is the place to be tomorrow.
I won't be drawing the giveaway until late Sunday - ok lets face it, probably Monday - so there is still time to join in.
Wish us luck - lets hope the Market Goddess is smiling on us!


Rustic Tarts said...

Hope you stay dry today and that the rain doesn't keep shoppers away.

Your candlesticks look amazing - you are a clever chook.

Melissa said...

Love the candle stix

Kellie Christie said...

Hi, your glass candle stick are quite amazing! Love the button necklace that Gemmajoy won. I make heaps of jewellery from buttons too. Take care.