Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thrifted out! Is it possible?

Last week Sophie (who has organised the sharing of our Flea Market Finds) complimented me when she called me an Op Shop Queen. I was duly honoured and I have done my best to live up to the lofty expectations one might have of an OSQ. I have certainly given the title a flogging this week!
It has been a big op-shop week. My daughters are  moving into their own little flat and were keen to thrift as much of the stuff they needed as possible. We have been in country oppies and their city counterparts and just about everything in between! I couldn't take piccies of everything, so I thought I would list some of them.
Here goes:
- a double bed ensemble
- 4 Actil sheets
- pyrex lasagne dish
- 2 cute chairs with rattan inserts
- flour sifter
- juicer
- cutlery
- 8 white Johnson Brothers plates with matching side plates
- 4 handpainted mugs
- 2 cow mugs (!)
- 2 baking trays
- muffin tray
 I have lost track of a few sundries ... We did fairly well I think!
My favourite find, and one I get to keep, had to be some lovely beads and buttons. Those I could take some photos of!
Lovely vintagy colours aren't they?
This post is my 100th and I had planned to have a givaway organised by way of a celebration. Sadly a week of hauling, thrifting, shifting, lugging and constructing ( God Bless Ikea!) has meant that I haven't quite got there! I plan to make something yummy using some elements from past Flea Market Finds posts. Sometime this week I will put the giveaway up so if you get a chance to drop in here you can join in!


teddybearswednesday said...

WOW you did so well! And those butttons are absolutely fabulous!

Amanda said...

great buttons! i love the baby pink ones

Anonymous said...

Really super buttons!

Jennie said...

Wow! Those buttons are a great find!

Snooze said...

well done kitting out the kids from oppies. sure makes life easier (and cheaper!). can't wait to see the giveaway ... and those buttons sure look good. i'm still looking

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, all those finds! Those buttons are just so lovely! I would really love to see those cow mugs too. Thanks so much for playing along.
Sophie x

Katie said...

Oh my lordy! You thrifting tart you lol Great finds, love the buttons.