Thursday, February 18, 2010

Embracing the riches.

My week began in the very best possible way. On Monday I got to spend the day with my two dearest friends. I also read Rachels' blog ( which I always enjoy) and recognised that the sub-text was all about the pursuit of "economic productivity" or chasing the bucks as I call it. Being rich. The pursuit of riches. It takes a lot of energy. This pursuit drives our economy if you believe what we are told day- in- day- out by those who are supposed to know.
My friends and I are linked by shared history, basic values and our craftiness - or more properly,our creativity. We are separated geographically by quite a few country miles. Despite that, we pursue these relationships. It takes some planning, some energy.
I count myself lucky because I have these two friends (well I probably have more than two friends, but this pair are extra-special!) who  ENRICH my life. Their hearty laughs accompanied by hearty snorts ( you know it's true Kath!) and the way we find each other hysterically funny, enriches my soul. Their ability to know when to be wise and kind and when to be forthright, enriches my heart. My oft changing obsessions don't freak them out - they accept that this is simply how my brain works - in fact they recognised  and accepted that  long  before I did! This enriches my faith. I know they love me and this makes me a better and more worthy person and thus I am enriched.
So, the gist of this little love-fest is quite simple.
I just wanted to say


Melissa said...

I would hate to think of my life with out you or Kathy.
You are the best
Thank you
LOVE Melissa

Anonymous said...

Blimey........if I've gone all welling up, there must be an Ark at Ms Meliss'sss.!! Now get ready cos you just know I'm gonna go the big and sqishy hug-a-lot when I get my hands on you!!!

Anonymous said...

and awww, x :) we the lucky winky dinks darl....

Anonymous said...

and goes without saying of course.... thank YOU.....x

Rustic Tarts said...

A lovely post