Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Universe Speaks and I Obey!

The Universe is a strange and wondrous place. I say this because recently I have had reason to notice just how freaky it is. It has been kinda "owly" in my world of late - birthday themes, diary designs and jewellery making etc. Lo and behold, I waltzed into the op-shop - purposefully I might add as I was after a zip - and what do I spy? An entire collection ( that would be a Parliment!) of owls of all kinds! Naturally, I expressed my amazement ("Holy C*#p that's a LOT of owls!") and the op-shop lady explained that they had come in that very morning and they had already sold a bunch. No wonder - they ranged in price from 20 cents to 50 cents with a couple of large ones around $2. You know when you buy a new to you car and suddenly the world is filled with that make and model of car? Well I felt this was kinda like that. Maybe the Universe was trying to tell me something or maybe I just have owls on the brain. Regardless, I took the sudden appearance of a plethora of owls at my local oppie as a sign - one to be ignored at my peril. So, I brought a few home with me and all things considered, I was pretty restrained. Check 'em out ...
This little Brown Owl is one of a family that ranges from Papa Owl to Baby Owl - Papa is just under 4cms tall.
This duo were so freaky looking they just had to come home with me - they will fit in nicely with the rest of the household! Just 4cms tall.

Personally, it would never occur to me to glue a teeny owl statue to a cowrie shell but hey - whatever floats your boat! These guys are tiny - about 2cms. Don't you just love the way they have different wing positions?

These are handpainted pottery and probably the most modern ones I brought home. 

This is my absolute favourite. His head comes off! Originally he held one and a half ounces of "Rapture" cream sachet - some kind of cream perfume I guess. Do you remember how Avon used to release perfumes in quirky bottles? I wonder if this was one of them?
And here is the whole family! What on earth am I doing to do with them?


Finki said...

Oh my, they are divine...i'm so jealous!The little puppy dog eyes on the first one are just Adorable.
What a lovely collection.

Melissa said...

That Freaky thing is called your "razz", it just means you are so aware of owls that seem to be every where.
Another specaial word! :-))
They are so cute.