Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Woh-hoh- oh - the busts are gettin' bigger ...

In number if not in size!
The saga of the busts has finally drawn to a close! Yep, they are all re-covered and I have added a couple of cones that fold down flat! Masses of thanks to dear friend Kath who helped me finish off a couple of the biggies and gave me the boost I needed to get on and do the rest! This has been a big upcycling  (or should that be recycling?) project but very cost effective. The fabric cost ten dollars ( gotta love those "Buy 1 metre get 1 metre free" sales), I used over a dozen gluesticks and half a pot of Tacky Glue. The backs are covered with wallpaper from the op-shop. The cones used $3.60 worth off cardboard and fabric from the cupboard which probably means it came from an oppie. All up if it cost me $25, I would be surprised. Colour me thrifty hey? Plus, I didn't have the hassle of finding new ones and I am  feeling the righteous joy of NOT contributing to the landfill.

I recovered 9 busts in all and made four of the cones. The best thing  about the cones is that they are "flat-pack" busts - which makes them heaps easy to cart about. I thought about calling them the "IKEABUSTS" but  not sure how that would go down with that well-known Swedish company!
This is how the cone looks undone - all flat - those wrinkles smooth out once it is buttoned into regulation cone position.

And the back - could probably have been a bit neater here but once they are done up and have jewellery on them hopefully no-one will be making judgments about the back of a cone!

Oh by the way, I hope the title of this post has you humming that Mental As Anything song all day! (hee hee) 


Eureka! Beads said...

Looking great :)

Rustic Tarts said...

Love the bust job - it could be a new job opportunity for your.

Melissa said...

Yes thank you for that tune!
Are they those studd thingos that use a hammer with and Kath is really good at??
Busts look fabo