Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh my!

Well, I am a bit late joining Sophies' meme this week - lots of comings and goings at my place lately - all a bit distracting really. I did however have THE-MOST-FANTASTIC-FLEA-MARKET-FIND-EVER last week. Actually, I didn't find it, it found me!
It would be a rare thing for my two friends and I to meet up and not have a "quick look" in the op-shop so of course when we spent the day together last week we had a poke about in the local Salvos. The managers of the store are well known to us and even though I haven't lived in the area for years now, they still greet me by name. We had been fossicking around the bric-a-brac and had moved on to the clothing room when one of the managers came out bearing a Most Marvelous Object. "Could any of you girls put this to use, you can have it if you want?" he said, sounding somewhat apologetic for asking. My jaw had hit the floor when I saw what he was holding, which rendered me incapable of speech - all I could do was open and close my mouth rapidly like a guppy doing a mime routine. "I think the answer is YES! " says my dear friend, coming to my rescue before the Most Marvelous Object could be whisked away and offered to some other, less deserving punter. I did manage to regain my senses and rushed the poor man out to the counter to pay for my goods so that I could legitimately claim the Most Marvelous Object as mine!  I am dead delighted on a couple of counts - first that the shop manager remembered the sort of work I do and that the Most Marvelous Object would be something I might like. Secondly, he called us girls - lets just say that none of us will be seeing forty again except in our dreams!
Thirdly of course is that the Most Marvelous Object is all MINE!

Let me introduce to you, The Most Marvelous Object and best op-shop find EVER ...


 Flowers and teardrops and crystals, oh my!
Now you can see why my mouth went dry and my heart rate skyrocketed! How lovely is it?! I can't wait to
clean it up and make it all shiny and turn it into - well lots of lovely things I expect!


Anonymous said...

Yep! That's a beauty!!!! Well done!!

Christina Lowry said...

Oohh, looks wonderful! Have fun with that! :)

Rustic Tarts said...

What is it about old chandeliers - we girls love them!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Yep that is a rippa! Well done on that little treasure, can't wait to see what it might turn into, I actually quite like it as it is so I am intrigued!

Unknown said...

Oh I am such a fan of old chandeliers, what a wonderful find! And it came to you, Sue you are an op shopping Queen! Just fabulous, well done and thanks so much for playing.
Sophie x

Vic said...

Oh. My. God.


You know, I have NEVER, ever, seen a chandelier in all my years of opping... I am obviously shopping in the wrong places...!

I love it. I want one. For my bathroom. Is that wrong..?

Melissa said...

Of course it's the MMO ever!

Bianca Velder said...

Far out, Sooz, I did not expect that to be the most marvellous object EVA. It is indeed the epitome of magnificence in op shopping terms. I cannot wait to see what you do with that, as it will be altered, right???