Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thrifted Allsortz

Sunday has rolled around with alarming speed and I find myself preparing  to once again join Sophie's meme, Flea Market Finds. When it comes to ferreting about in thrift stores, it is easy to overlook the things that there are always stacks of, like mugs and plastic lids for containers that are, in all probability, taking up space in a landfill, quietly not decomposing. This week however, I set off deliberately seeking out those forlorn and mis-matched bits of cut and pressed glass that seem to lurk in vast numbers in the corners of every op shop I have ever entered. Oh yes, I had a project in mind and I was on a mission! The op shop people were dead delighted when I gathered up a box full of those dust collectors and they sold the lot to me for ten bucks. Home I went with my loot and washed and scrubbed them until they were nice and shiny. It was when I began working with them that I realised just how lovely some of these pressed glass bits were. I started to recognise patterns with a distinct Art-Deco feel and delicate etched patterns. They were quite lovely - clearly I had under-appreciated this stuff in the past. Alas I have no pics of the project but it is underway and I am pleased with how it has developed. Hope to get some photos soon!
This is some of the glass bits I collected - this is post-washing so they are quite shiny. Mmmmm - like SHINY!

That front vase has a sweet and very delicately etched star and starbeams - gorgeous.
Ok, so glassware wasn't the sum total of my finds this week - I also found this cute cage. I don't have a plan for it - most certainly will NOT be keeping a bird in it but couldn't resist. It reminded me of The Jetsons for some reason?

Then of course there is Physco Bunny!


Oh yeah - be afraid - be very afraid ...
This odd bod is cradling his noggin in his paws - maybe the voices in his head are getting too loud - frankly I think he is channeling Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" - hope he isn't called Johnny ...!


Jackie said...

Love your opshop finds... You must be soooo happy with your glass treasures - they are devine.. and as for the Johnny Bunny - well he simply speaks for himself.. lol. Love your blog. Cheers Jackie

Melissa said...

Beautiful glass stuff.
mmmmmmmmm is the rabbit going to live with physco pixi??

Rustic Tarts said...

I am most intrigued about what you are going to do with the glass?!
The bird cage is a beauty and I'm afraid that I can't say the same thing about the bunny!!

Unknown said...

Wow what fabulous glassware, great finds. And the bird cage is so interesting, perhaps it might work in the garden somewhere. I love psycho bunny, he is very Donnie Darko. Thanks for playing along!
Sophie x