Sunday, December 13, 2009

Charmed I'm sure!

These are some bracelets I made for the recent Art Bazaar. The charms have been cut from old trays etc and then embelisshed with rivetted brass, text etc. Sadly, I forgot to take photos of a dear little owl and a birdy (with the word "Fly" riveted on) befor e I sold them! Glad I got my act together for these! The mushroom is my fave - might be the spotty beads I used though!

("Arty Farty" went to a woman whose partner is a man of science and always refers to her as being "arty farty"!)

I domed or folded all of the charms to give them a more 3D effect. They look great hanging so that they fall on top of the hand but cute hanging under as well!

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