Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This week-end I had the surprising opportunity of a roadtrip with my daughters - and I didn't have to think about it twice! We set off on Friday night for Ballarat. After 8 hours of driving ( including a stop for Chinese!), I looked a little bit like my dashboard friend here -

It was cold, dark and very late when we arrived but the lovely cottage we were staying in was warm and toasty.

Also beautifully decorated and with really generous breakfast provisions! I would highly recommend a stay at Oaklyn.

We felt right at home there! On Saturday we hightailed it to the train station (conveniently just down the road!) and headed to Melbourne where we went to see -

Loved, loved, loved this! What a brain this talented man has - and he is an amazing archivist of his work too - there is so much stuff here I am surprised they were able to fit it into one building! If you get the chance to see it do go - the experience is well worth it. Allow plenty of time and if you are going in the school hols book your tickets online to avoid the lengthy queue! The main reason we headed over to Ballarat was to see a friend in their graduation performance -

One of my favourite Shakespeare plays and done with a really great twist. Our friend was brilliant (of course) as Leanarto and we laughed ourselves senseless and still gasped in horror when the lovely Hero was accused of being a tramp! Gotta love Shakespeare - still fresh and able to stand up to a 2010 sci-fi treatment involving clones and Outer Space!

Here are the girls tissying up getting ready to see the performance!

On Sunday morning we packed up and headed to Daylesford for a quick trip round the markets. Nothing really took our fancy (apart from a really cute puppy for sale!) and it was very cold. Most things were fairly pricey and the weather didn't really encourage rummaging 'cos that would have meant taking our hands out of our pockets! We warmed up with lovely pastries and cakes from the bakery before setting off home. I was completely shattered by the time we hit Adelaide and stayed over at my daughters' place as I had Uni on Monday! We had a blast - the roadtrip was, at times, screamingly funny and of course we pretty much solved all of the worlds problems somewhere between Bordertown and Ararat!


Rustic Tarts said...

What a great weekend - makes mine seem very boring.
The Tim Burton exhibition would have been fantastic, we were hoping to go to that and the Titanic exhibition but I don't think it will happen now.

Melissa said...

what a wonderful weekend

Kath Path Walker said...

Yay! Glad you are there and back safely.