Friday, March 25, 2011

Mad March

I feel as if I have not been keeping up with things lately. Perhaps I am getting lazy in my middle years? Hhmm. I have had a little recap of what has been happening here during Mad March and maybe lazy is the wrong adjective! There has been an abundance of Birthday Celebrations, some of them for significant Birthdays like 21sts and the big 5-0h too. So that means costumes and gifts to make, food to prepare and bunting to sew - and champagne to wash it all down!

Just one more 21st party and that will be March done!

There have been two average sized assignments to research and write for Uni ..

Yes it is true - I still write my essays in long-hand first!

I have put together a small body of work ( a dozen pieces I think) for a show with a fellow student - some pieces like these ...

And I also designed and made some fabo jewels for a Year 12 Formal - big and shiny was the request ...

Dangly, dangly ear-rings to match the dress...

and a cuff to go with ...

 Yeah - big and shiny are two of my favourite things - except when it comes to noses - I prefer them on the smaller side. I used a lot of lovely Swarovski crystal in Golden Shadow - mmmmmm - shineeeeee!
I have also been playing here:

I spend two days a week at Uni and they feel like long days now because it is dark when I leave home. Plus there is the usual "Mum" stuff of dealing with broken hearts, tricky work situations and Year 12 workload and there seems to be an expectation that there will be food in the house and the occasional load of washing done. And shirt and tie shopping for aforementioned Formal. And an appearance at the last ever school sports day for this family (yay!). I haven't replanted the herb pots or rung my niece or tidied my studio but I have managed the odd conversation with the ManBeast even though it is Vintage time and he is rarely sighted.
Crap, it is no wonder I haven't had time to shave my legs!


Nelly said...

Had to drop in and say lol to the Manbeast wish I had thought of calling The Captain that instead.Great job on the jewellery.
And lazy in mid years hmmm must be catching.

Unknown said...

right now, I am making cuffs out of plastic bottles and fabric, but nothing as decadent as your cuff .. I am in love with it x

Numinosity said...

Wow, You have been busy with that pesky real life business haven't you.

Oh, I finally got my disk cutter in the mail, stop by ad check it out!
Good luck with your little show!
xoxo Kim

Melissa said...

Put your feet up and have a G&T!
Hope you catch your breath soon