Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring is in the air ...

It all started with the purchase of just one more piece of vintage fabric from the oppie. A harmless enough activity you might think but it led to a full scale tip-everything-out-of-the-cupboard-and-start-over session. My poor fabric cupboard had gotten so untidy that bits fell out when I opened it and everything was either hiding or MIA because I could never find what I wanted. The time had come for a full-on attack and I have to admit folks, I was ruthless! I kept only the materials that I really loved and sorted and folded for a couple of hours!

Can you see my dog in the background? He didn't seem all that impressed with my efforts but I am sure all you fabric hounds appreciate the effort and trauma involved in this kind of overhaul!

Piles stacked up, awaiting classification ..

... I tried hard to only keep the really nice pieces!

Here is the result of the final sorting - labelled crates that stack into my cupboard. I have to admit that it is not as much fun as looking at stacks of fabric piled up on the shelves but at least it isn't all falling out of the cupboard to greet me every time I open the door!

... and the folded fabrics still look pretty nestled in their crates - and a whole lot more managable!

Has Spring Clean Fever hit your household this year?


Enchanted Moments said...


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Oh my goodness thats a lot of pretty fabric! No spring cleaning around these parts, I'm tripping over me mess...

Melissa said...

Oh yes in order to do some sewing I have to "find" the machine hidden somewhere on the table!
what beautiful fabrics you have!