Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Texture ...

I have a fairly low-tech approach to jewellery making - well actually just about any making really. I like the idea of being able to create stuff in a fairly domestic setting, say the kitchen table and with a minimum of specialist tools. Now don't get me wrong I love tools and y'know the right tool can make all the difference but I do like the adventure that comes with substituting 'proper' tools for what is at hand. What I wanted to achieve was some texture on metal. So, in the absence of a rolling mill (sigh) I grabbed a hammer and some assorted bits and pieces and set to.

I used a variety of materials including a linen tea towel (standing up at the back), some coiled wire, lace (over there on the right) and a hefty brass brush.

Sorry about the colours in the pic - the metal is in fact reclaimed pewter and is a lovely warm silver colour rather similar to unpolished sterling silver. Yummy patterns - yes? I was keen to use them and since the swirly wire was my fave I cut that up first. I opted for a kinda organic looking piece.

I cut out a nice oval shape from the swirls and an irregular-ish petal shape from the brushed piece. If I owned a hydraulic press, I would have domed the oval piece even more but alas I don't own such a creature so had to make do with carving the appropriate shape into a lump of wood and whacking the oval into it - not ideal but hey - it worked - more or less!

I patinaed the swirls and assembled the piece using brass rivets for contrast. This pic is probably a truer representation of the colour than my other photos.

There you have it - my low-tech foray into the world of texturing metals - no machines, no chemicals - just a girl and her mallet!


Rustic Tarts said...

Low tech - but great results and I think.....therapeutic??
I found some pewter mugs recently
2@20cents each = good price!

Numinosity said...

Great stuff, Sue. Thanks for sharing your low tech stuff. Most of us don't have the million perfect tools we need and I love how you adapt with what you have for such successful results.
xoxo Kim