Friday, March 9, 2012

Fruits of my labour this week.

I spent a fair portion of this week wresting some order out of the domestic chaos that has been dominating our household of late. Hence, I didn't get alot of creative work done - but I did manage to start on some new things.

Torch-fired enamel headpins, steel,paper and resin shapes, pewter beadcaps, pewter bezel with vintage mother-of-pearl button
Refinements need to be made and as always a bit of 'tweaking' but it is good to try out new things huh? I also made a prototype for some pieces I hope to include in an exhibition later in the year.

Lens, paper, steel wire, pearl, reclaimed pewter and recycled cotton.

This was a great exercise in problem solving - the lens is not symmetrical and is thicker in some parts than others ... I wish I had paid a bit more attention to the collage before I encased it. I think the skin-tones are too bright - a bit too 'real' and would look better a little more washed out. Well, I will know that for next time.
Sometimes 'design by making' is the only way to go! Have a great week-end.

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