Thursday, July 12, 2012


I spent a lovely hour or so yesterday flicking through the pages of some old National Geographic magazines. I was hunting up some inspirations for tribal-esque jewellery you see. I came across beautiful photographs by  Eric Valli and Debra Kellner in the September 2000 edition. These images are of the Rana Tharu women of Nepal. According to the National Geographic "When warfare left them widows, legend says, these women who had fled to the forest of southern Nepal founded a society that has endured for 400 years."

I was totally captivated by the colours in the photo and the grace of the woman.

Ornamentation is apparent in every aspect of their lives - and personal adornment knows no age boundaries.

Isn't she a beautiful young woman? Of course I had to read the article - it was fantastic to read about these women and how their art and crafts were a part of their everyday.

"I see little around me that they have not made with their hands. All are works of art."


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