Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Just lately it seems that my life is being consumed by all things yellow. I think it began when I saw a woman wearing AMAZING yellow sandals - oh how I coveted them! I am not really given to buying expensive shoes so I had to quench my desire for yellow in other ways!  First up I revamped a candlestick that I picked up ages ago at a thrift store. It has a nice rusty base and other metal bits so I thought a spruce up of the wooden part was in order. Here is a before pic ...

and the beauty shot ...

Then while I was out thrifting with my daughter I bought two bunches of yellow flowers - they had been marked right down because it was the end of the day! Lucky me!

I also made a very big yellow candleholder. It is one of a set and I will write about the "how" of it's making in another post ...

I used up all sorts of horrid paints left over from the kids high school art classes and created custom colours and mixed them into smaller amounts of heavier pigment paints. It worked really well but I ran out of the yellow and the candlestick could have done with one more coat ... So, I distressed it and I am dead pleased with the result!

The op shop offered up some gorgeous yellow Pyrex pots - just the right size for us!

Our local garden centre is having a sale and I couldn't resist buying some marigolds. They remind me of Mexico. 

And after a productive time at my trusty grinder, I now have a bunch of buttery yellow ceramic pieces to turn into jewellery!

And when I packed away the paints and scrubbed the table I decided to put my new marigolds into some newly painted tins along with a tea light holder I made today. With the addition of a couple of skully mates I almost felt like I was back in Oaxaca!

Hope all this yellow brings a little sunshine into your day - especially for those of you in the other hemisphere where it is freezing at the moment. Stay warm!


Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Wowzers! You've been busy!! All very gorgeous!!

Two Dog Pond said...

This was like a burst of SUNSHINE! Thank you for that.