Monday, October 5, 2009

So, I haven't posted for a while ...

I have been chained to the leg of the chair in my studio for so long I had almost forgotten I had a blog! I have been madly preparing for a bi-annual 3-day event as well as the regular making for the jewellery parties! So I have been a slack blogger I'm afraid!

My darling pal Melissa was on hand to help set up and run the show over the three days as well as feeding me ( gotta love all those home grown vegies!) and giving me a roof over my head! It was great to hang out together for the whole week - big thanks to her and her darling hubby who took the invasion in his stride!

This was my stall at the Paskeville Field Days - this event takes place in the middle of an enormous paddock! Being a rural event there is often a predominance of navy, khaki and pink - my little stall looks quite exotic in comparison!

I had a lot of "repeat offenders" who had purchased goodies from me two years ago and sought me out first thing! They sent hubbies off to gaze longingly at enormous farm equipment whilst they gave their credit cards an airing!

All these pics were taken on the first day - after that the stock dwindled and we spread things out - at this stage though it was a riot of colour and choice!

This was my favourite pair of ear-rings - in fact I think it was the only pair of "fancy" ones I made for the Field Days ( well the trouble with ear-rings is that you have to make two!) and they were snapped up really quickly! The new owner was dead delighted with them so that made me happy too!

I caught up with people that I literally only see at this event every two years and I met loads of new and interesting people too! All in all it was a great week - heaps of fun and succesful to boot!


Anonymous said...

Looks just wonderful. Well done on another successful Paskie. x Kath

Rustic Tarts said...

I've just returned home from dinner at Kirsty's and she showed me the gorgeous necklaces she had bought from you....and I also spent Sat evening with Marie (the class reunion)I was wearing MY button necklace and she was wearing an even longer one which I presume that you made!

sue said...

Actually Christina I think Marie might have been sporting one of Melissas creations - I convinced her to share some! It was great to meet Kirsty - the pieces she chose looked SENSATIONAL on her!

Rustic Tarts said...

Oh well I didn't realise that Melissa drilled holes and used connectors! I mentally took note on how to do it so that I could make a longer one too. I'll put a photo on the blog later of Marie wearing it.

Melissa said...

Looks even better than I remember!
Had a great time
Thank you