Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday Market.

The very best thing about our local Farmers Market - apart from the coffee - is that buying yummy fresh produce really stimulates the creative cook in me. All the fruit and veg is grown locally, we have a local cheese maker, several bakeries, dried fruit producer, free range chicken farmer, amazing local smallgoods and even a local coffee roaster - the beans are free-trade and roasted here! Heaven - pure Heaven.

Just look at those tomatoes! Looks like the makings of Saturday brunch ...

We roasted these vegies to have with our free range chook - beetroot, spuds and carrots - yummo!

I haven't replanted my basil yet so it was great to snag a bunch at the market. It tasted great mixed in with those tomatoes all chopped up on some of the wholegrain bread and topped with grilled haloumi! We do love our food here in the Barossa! If only we could grow bananas here ...!

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Melissa said...

Yummm, now I'm hungry!