Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oh it has been hot here - so hot that even intrepid op shoppers like myself have been clinging to the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. I did venture out a bit when we had a cooler day (only 36 degrees!) and I did indeed find some treasures ....

A whole assortment of goodies this week ..

brand new linen tea towels. I don't much like doing the dishes but lovely linen makes the job easier.

A couple of vintage glasses for a friend who has a project using them on the go and a pewter mug - raw material waiting for me to reclaim it!

Watches for dismantling and converting into locket-type jewellery.

 EPNS tray - more material for future projects.

An assortment of sweet earrings and charms.

These spoons are so pretty and appealing that I had to bring them home ... I also found an extra shelf for my oven which will be a blessing the next time the family is home for pizza. Oh and a pretty tin to cut up. Hope you had fun in the thrift stores this week. Hit the linky tool below and share your finds - would love to see 'em!


Emma said...

Wonderful haul, did you ever tell me where you keep all this delectable stuff?!

Melissa said...

Fabulous goodies, stay cool another warm week coming up!

Pam said...

Woo! I've actually managed to join in this time Sue!
Love all your metal goodies! I have a stack of watches and their parts and all I've managed to make so far is a wooden bird house with a watch casing on the front, but it did have a collage in it!

Enjoy your weekend. ♥