Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A thing of beauty

I have this crazily clever friend who likes to make stuff - well engineer stuff really. We often have good chats about tools and so forth. Well last year I was extolling the virtues of a hydraulic pres - and moaning about the expense no doubt. I showed him some pancake dies that I had - he even fixed one for me after it was damaged in the vice. Well miracle of Christmas miracles - guess what was waiting for me in his shed on Christmas day? Yup - a swanky handbuilt hydraulic press ....

Which, as I am sure you are aware, makes it go faster .
It is truly a thing of beauty - I love it and can't wait to get on and make good use of it. So far I have tested out my pancake dies on a few different kinds of metal ...

...and they all turned out great! How lucky am I? A hearty thank-you to the Colin for all his engineering and re-engineering efforts. Ah, life is GOOD!

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Pam said...

Now that's definitely a friend to be cherished Sue! Isn't he an angel?! and lucky you! Noice. ♥