Tuesday, August 30, 2011

bragging - again!

Many of you know that my daughter Ellen is a paper cutter and you may have guessed from previous posts that I am kinda proud of her and the way her work keeps developing. She had a really successful exhibition recently and now she has opened her very own Etsy store! So, in a bit of outrageously obvious cross-promotion I am sharing both that info and some more pics of her work ...

This is a large piece - and very detailed. I think one of the things that makes Ellen's work unique is that she creates the text herself . The kids had the benefit of an excellent Primary School teacher who was big on literature - wouldn't she be proud?!

Hee hee - I love all the little dwarfs lurking behind the tree ... This piece sold during the exhibition.

Some detail from one of the lamps she made - also sold.

A trio to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty - all set in reclaimed frames that used to house those funny satin pictures of roses and the like.

This is one of my favourites - so much detail. Bear in mind that these are all cut from a single piece of paper so everything has to join! Again, Ellen used a reclaimed frame. We made a screenprint of this one too.

Hmmm - exploring the darker side of fairytales - and making the work 3 dimensional.
So that is a taste of the work my girl has been making. You can find her shop here and she has a Facebook page too.


Lyndel said...

brag away Sue, Ellen's work is amazing♥
thank you for sharing it with us

ladychiara said...

Sue you have reason to be proud so brag away! Your daughter has such a gift and it is wonderful to see that she is gaining recognition for her talent and creativity. And YES her English teacher would be so proud too!I love all the pieces you have shown us. Thanks for sharing! :)

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

WOW! Loving it!

Paulette said...