Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exhibition pics - at last!

It has taken me a minute to get organised but I have finally been to the venue and taken some pics of my SALA exhibition.

 Apologies for all the reflection! This gives you a bit of an idea how the display is set up. Putting the jewellery iside the boxes magically transforms it - amazing what a bit of "context" will do isn't it?

I  like to have  things accessible too - it's nice if people can really look and touch the pieces.

It is a bit hard to see the jewellery but in the background you can see my lino cut entitled "Oh Dear". It is of course based on Alice In Wonderland and features a rabbit, a clock and a little bottle that says "drink me"!

A few of the pewter pieces - both cast and hand-cut. You have seen some of these in the making ...

In the foreground you can see "An English Country Garden" (sold) and in the background is another Alice themed piece which features vintage rosary crystals, china, pearls and a toggle clasp I made from brass and a vintage key - kinda twisted around the wrong way in this pic  - sorry!

When I set up the exhibit I realised that it had a sort of vintagy/steampunk feel to it as a number of the pieces ended up featuring cogs and gears etc - I didn't mean for it to happen but I must have been in that kind of headspace.

This was in fact the very last piece I made for the show and I think it is my favourite! I used an old spoon, a pewter bird that I cast and some laminex. Sales have not been outstanding - in previous years I have pretty well sold out by now! Most artists are reporting the same thing apparently. It is pretty understandable in the current economic climate. I will list what I don't sell online - and there maybe a couple of pieces that stay in the family ..

oh and if you want to have a squizz at some other SALA shows from the comfort of home, head over to Emmica's blog for reviews and pics!


Two Dog Pond said...

Your pieces are, as always, amazing. Your displays are so creative - all together a great statement. Love it.

Rustic Tarts said...

Yes we loved that spoon one too - it was Kirsty that worked out what you had used for it.

Finki said...

Looks so great, wish I could have been there. I look forward to the made-it shop reopening, I do have my eye on a few pieces xx

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

OR an ETSY shop...........