Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casting Away.

On the week-end I decided it was time to try my hand at making some new moulds and casting some pewter.
I was really pleased that I hadn't forgotten how! These were the results ...

They look pretty tragic at this point huh?

This is pripor to clean-up. There needs to be some sawing, filing and sanding to be undertaken before the piece will be of much use.

In the end though I have ended up with a piece that I think will be great fun to use - again and again! The chandelier is about 5cms x 6cms and add a bit for the crystals and chain - on the large side I guess but surprisingly, it isn't all that heavy. I would love to make some really over the top ear-rings with these (more crystal, more chain - mmmm!)- very haute couture I think! I can just see them swinging from the lobes of a catwalk model and stealing the show!

1 comment:

Finki said...

A diamond from the rough. So cool to see the process a bit. makes you appreciate all the work that goes into the finished result. Nice xx