Monday, August 6, 2012

It has been a little while ...

What can I say about my lack of posting in the last little while? I've been busy? Hell everyone is busy! The truth is I have been focusing my time - hours and hours of it - on completing 50 plus pieces of jewellery for a local exhibition. It is part of the SALA Festival and it opened yesterday. My work is on display at a beautiful venue, a cellar door called Tscharke's Place. Not only is the venue and views amazing, they are fantastic winemakers, producing my fave Barossa wines - both red and white. Added to that they have developed a philosophy of really caring for their land and making their produce as natural as is feasible ... Damien and Eva are a dynamic and visionary young couple (with a super cute little bubba, Jana, as well!) and I feel really excited to be sharing this art experience with them. Hhhmm - I didn't mean to write a lovefest about Tscharke's but I am a wee bit enamored I guess. Anyhoo, to make up for my lack of visuals over the last few weeks I am bombarding you today with pics of some of the work I created before it was installed.

Some of the collection.

A closer look ...

The Virtues. copper, enamel, vintage spoons, reclaimed pewter, brass. I handcrafted the chain from bronze wire - a beautiful colour and a big improvement on my soldering skills!

Missy Moo - sassy little girl brooch - vintage epns and printed tin.

Putting on the Glitz. vintage spoons, vintage rhinestones - shoe clip and earring, pearl, sterling silver. In the background - Phryne's Finery - epns (cake stand) and vintage crystals.

Techno Porcine. epns, brass,found chain, children's toy.

Blue Willow #1. crockery shard, reclaimed pewter, leather, sterling silver. Spring Garden (earrings to the left), sterling silver, tea caddy tin

Cog Dog. epns, watch gizzards, brass. Follow your Heart. vintage epns spoon, reclaimed pewter, brass, sterling silver, cotton.

Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle, reclaimed pewter, sterling silver, recycled glass beads. In the background you can see a similar necklace made from a Grenache wine bottle and rough aquamarine.

In Any Language. epns, pewter, sterling silver, Job's Tears (seeds)

It is great having a goal to work towards - it pushes me creatively and forces me to be responsible about how I use my time - just like a grown up! If you have the opportunity to get out and see some of the SALA exhibitions I highly recommend it - it is surprising and exciting to see the depth of talent around. You can see the programme here. I am off to clean up my studio ...


Em said...

I couldn't help it, I had to peak!! Love so many but especially The Virtues, Techno Porcine and Putting on the Glitz! : )

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous collection Sue, everyone is totally different, there's something for all tastes. I'm sure they'll be a big hit, good luck.

Numinosity said...

Check out all that varied and fabulous work your experimental and talented mind and hands have created!
I thought of you yesterday at a junk shop in Maine when looking at a little platter or plaque of very soft metal that I'm sure can be cut up into many pairs of earring material when I get home. Too bad I can't upload any photos with my ipad. I decided against traveling with my laptop so that I can bring more junk home with me!
Have a great show and thanks for following that link on my blog. I thought fellow artists would appreciate his outlook.

seabreezequilts said...

Wow it all looks amazing.

Jo said...

All looks so amazing! Congratulations!

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Totally scrumptious! Great photos but so much more impressive when you can reach out and touch them. If you're in SA make the trip to Tscharkes Place during SALA, so well worth it!