Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pack up time.

Today I have dismantled my SALA exhibition.

It takes far less time to pull it down than it does to set it up.

 All the pretties are now waiting to be shipped off to their new owners. It is just a matter of doing the paperwork first.

It has been a lovely place to have a show - just look at that view! Now it is all packed away which means that it has been just over three weeks since I set it up.

Which means it is just over three weeks since the lovely Melissa gave me this gorgeous pot of plants as a gift for the opening!

Which means that for just over three weeks it has been in my care ...

Which means that for just over three weeks I have managed not to kill these plants. This is something of a record for me. Before any of you feel it necessary to point out that these types of plants are VERY hardy I should let you know that most plants given into my care end up looking like Ikebana (google it!). So, I am going to bask in the reflected glory of these dear plants and be happy that they are still photosynthesising. Besides, I have other skills ...


Melissa said...

See it must be your getting closer to nature, did you use any of these leaves to dye/print with, mmm proly a little too much liquid in their leaves.

Steph said...

I really like the displays you used to show your jewelry! And yes it's always like that less time to pull it down than setting it up... but to think of it, cooking is the same... and I am a little better than you with plants... but I killed quite a few... :)