Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Softly, slowly ...

I have a small confession to make ... ssshh - don't tell anyone ok? I think I have a teeny crush on India Flint right now. As I make my way slowly (and deliciously) through her lovely book ,

 I am gob-smacked by her historical knowledge on the subject of dyeing. I am thrown into a tizzy by her botanical brain and my eyes grow rounder with each page, marveling at the beautiful colours and prints she makes. Her approach is organic, regional, patient and with a view to creating the most minimal impact on the environment possible. I really like that approach.

Beetroot leaf on reclaimed cotton

 I tried my hand at the simplest form of printing described in the book.  The other processes take a little preparation, a little fore-thought and a little patience. I'm working my way up to those.

rocket on reclaimed linen
The colours produced are beautiful and harmonic - no doubt because they are natural and when left to its own devices Nature has a habit of being harmonious ...

I decided I needed a specific journal to record my dyeing adventures. I made some prints with a geranium leaf and a leaf from our Robinia Robusta fledgling hedge. The script background id from a mans cotton shirt that turned out to be too small for the ManBeast so rather than take it back, I cut it up. (have to be honest and say that I wasn't severely disappointed that it was the wrong size.) I tea dyed that piece and stitched it to some calico then added the decorative elements.

 In keeping with India's apparent attitude of taking things slowly and gently, I hand stitched all the elements and also the cover. I haven't done that sort of thing in a very long time.I  felt like I had imbued the journal with more of my 'self' than I might have if I had used the sewing machine.

 The crush adventure continues.


Anonymous said...

go for that crush!
I have about four right now.

She is a woman who really know her stuff - Don loves her words and one day I may get the courage to do some myself...
I love it when you do - you use it so sparingly.

Terriea Kwong said...

Hi Sue, your trial is terrific. I also have India's Eco Colour also Second Skin. Love her books and hooked to do experiments. Your beetroot print is very strong. Could I know did you make it by pounding? Love to follow you.
Terrie from Hong Kong

Emma said...

Your book is fabulous - isn't IF wonderful? I saw that pounding process on a 'Gardener's World' tv program once & was blown away - you inspire me to revisit Eco color.

Your exhibition work was stunning as are those gorgeous boxes you've made. My printmaking course restarts soon, too!

Two Dog Pond said...

That's your FIRST attempt?!! I can't wait to see more - what a great way to be in touch with nature.

Melissa said...

Love love love it all and that you have taken the time to hand stitch the journal pieces together.