Saturday, September 1, 2012


A while back I decided to embark on a self-imposed moratorium of buttons. Essentially I failed miserably. Well who can blame me really - buttons are so lovely. And bound to be useful someday ... Well at the moment I feel I may need to attempt another moratorium only this time it isn't gonna be about buttons. No sireee - I think I have to stop collecting tins. They seem to leap out at me in the op shops and scream "I have an awesome pattern/patina/lid - take me home". But they are hard to store unless you cut them up straight away - and who does that? Not me apparently!

I came home with two more tins this week. And a lovely shopping basket.

I chose this one solely because there were crowns involved. sigh

This one has such a beautiful design ...

And has the added bonus of some information about the artists and the artwork ...

I have had a little poke around the Internet for more info on these women but haven't had much luck yet. I will keep digging. My teaspoon collection blossomed this week when I found these beauties.

Great detail on the handle of one of them.

Ok so this was one of those nostalgic purchases that no doubt end up back at the oppie. I remember having lots of  fun with these sewing cards when I was a kidlet. What can I say - they spoke to me too.

I fished some garments off the $1 rack to use in my new dyeing adventures.

I They are unremittingly beige and would not normally rate a second glance. They are however 100% cotton and both have interesting textures so they seem to be fitting sacrifices for the dye pot!
So that is my week of thrifting. What have you found? I hope the thrifting faeries were with you this week. Share the love and show us what you found. Use the link. 'Tis easy.


Enchanted Moments said...

I think I had those same sewing cards, the pictures look very familiar...I still have them for my own kids.....

Melissa said...

But you cant ignore treasure that calls to you.
Lovely spoons

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Don't resist! You have the best eyes for recognising fabulous treasure!