Saturday, September 8, 2012


This week, the weather was not conducive to setting off on op-shop adventures. In fact it has been so wild and woolly that if I could have, I would have stayed in bed with a couple of good books all week. Still, I did find myself out and about despite howling gales and icy rain (insert dramatic hand to brow pose here) and popped into a local oppie that was having its Dollar Week Sale. This meant my daughters scored a few things in the clothing department. Just down the road is another thrift store and since I was in the vicinity I thought I would have  a looksee ...

And there I found this lovely trolley! The op shop ladies were so happy someone wanted to but it - apparently it was taking up too much room - so they sold it to me for three dollars! Yippee!

I also found some more pewter mugs to cut up/melt along with a very sweet china tea-cup, a pottery stamp for biscuits and another broken strand of pearls. Not much to share with you I'm afraid so I thought I would show you what becomes of some of the materials I collect - in a step by step kinda way ...

First up I have cut up a pewter mug and drawn on a shape that I want to cut out of it. This is going to be a layered pendant so this piece will be a frame. Hence, I am cutting out the internal space first.

I am making a few design decisions as I go along - do you remember the tin from last weeks "Thrift-a-long"

Here it is all cut out. I have filed some of it and given it a preliminary polish in order to add some design marks to it.

Now I have used a centre punch to create a dotty pattern around the frame.

Adding patina to darken and 'age' the metal.

Another polish to remove the excess patina and leave behind a nice dark colour in the pattern.

This is the part of the tin I have decide to use. I traced around the pewter shape and cut out the tin. Really, for accuracy it is best to cut the tin out with your saw but since lots of it will be hidden from view, I elected to use scissors this time.

Layering it up to see how it is going to look. So, that looks ok to me.

I want to make a backing piece now so using a highly sophisticated system I create the shape I need ...

hhmmm - a little to large. Adjustments need to be made of the template.

Better! Now the proportions look right.

The template is stuck to another piece of the pewter mug - I have given it a bit of a clout to flatten it out.

The backing piece is cut out.

Now it is coming together. I will finish it off today and show you tomorrow - just to keep you all in suspenders 'cos I know by now you are on the edge of your seat ...
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Melissa said...

I am so over this weather!!!!
Love the process of the pendant

Anonymous said...

Lovely finds - I've shared mine too! Your pendant is going to be fab, it's a lovely shape.x

Jody Pearl said...

Would love a trolley but like the ladies at the Oppy I don't know where I'd put it....oh I'd find somewhere!

Looking forward to seeing the finished Pendant.

Thanks for the opportunity to join in this weeks 'Thrift-along' - seems to have disappeared...hope I didn't break it!