Monday, September 10, 2012

New pendant - as promised!

I spent a goodly amount of time blathering (?) about trying to decide how to finish off the pendant I showed you in the last post. Did I want to make a bail? Or maybe just a hole? Or hang it from a tube thing? Arrrggghhh - damn that 'design by making' thing! Anyway, here 'tis ...

Riveted together
The hanging mechanism - a little pewter casting.
I thought a bird was a good fit with the 'tree' printed on the tin.
I used dyed Sesame Jasper for the necklace.
It has been ages since I did any kind of beading - my focus has been on other kinds of jewellery making so it was lovely to have a fish about and select these lovely stones.

Reclaimed pewter, tin, sterling silver, vintage Japanese seed beads, dyed sesame jasper.
I am not planning to list things much on Etsy because I have  a web-site under construction - and well it all seems like a bit of an effort ... For the time being, I thought I would show you the pieces for sale as I make them and if anyone is interested they can email me. This was great fun to make so I think I will be making some more - maybe some earrings too ...?


Anonymous said...

Wow it looks great!!

Numinosity said...

That bird is just so perfect for this piece. Just happened to have it handy, eh. That's when being a collector comes in handy doesn't it! I think this is a fine piece that will sell quickly as soon as you put it up. i think you could ride with this formula for awhile.

Steph said...

Woww it's gorgeous ! And yes, make some earrings too! :)