Monday, April 26, 2010

Big ol' generous bloggers!

 I have that tune by Kylie Minogue  buzzing in my head " I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky ..." hee hee it is in your head NOW!
A little while ago, I was lucky enough to be the winner of a giveaway on Find, Make, Do - a fun crafty blog by Betty Jo of  Lino Forest. The prize was a fabo journal crafted from a Little Golden Book, made by Megan over at The Byron Life.
  There are pages from the original book dotted throughout the blank pages - cute surprises!

  I was really chuffed because I love journals and I love recycling and here you have both in the one package! Megan wondered what plans I had for my prize and I told her I planned to use it as an art journal for an up-coming exhibition - provided of course I got to the mailbox before my daughter because I knew if she spied it first it would never be mine ...
On Friday, after a massively long day and a fairly tiring week, I came home to find a parcel waiting for me - that lifted my spirits in itself and when I opened it - well I am fairly certain I did in fact squeal! A pretty high-pitched porcine kinda noise to be more precise! For there inside, was not one but TWO Little Golden Book Journals - Megan had sent one for me and one for my daughter - just so there wouldn't be any arguments she said!

How generous is that? I am tickled pink with both the journal and the thoughtfulness - just gotta love Blogland - crafters are seriously cool people! So, a big thanks to Betty Jo for being the hostie and a massive thanks to Megan for her generous prize. Now that you have seen mine, you are no doubt dying to procure a journal for you very ownself - well, you can head over to Megans shop and do just that!


Betty Jo said...

That Megan is a sweetie, bless her!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, there are some very kind and generous people in Blogland...

.....then there are some not so nice people, are you aware that someone is using your email address? I received an email this morning supposedly from you asking for money as you are stranded in the UK ???...I have used your blog to let you know in case who ever is doing this gets the email and you don't....
I wonder if anyone else has received the same email?

I just love the teapot decorations - how clever!


Christina Lowry said...

I got that email too and have just forwarded it to you. Good luck. :)

Portico on Sturt @ the Oceanic Lounge said...

Hi Sue,
hope your holiday in the UK is fab!!!!!??? what the? someone is scamming, using your email address!

Sorry have'nt been in touch lately, thanks so much for the message, hope life is good, and your 21st preps are going well!!
love Kelly - Dear Prudence

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got it too but couldn't make it out. Looked like Greek to me, seriously. xx Lucky you re the beautiful journals! Kath.