Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Invites

My daughters have been home for a couple of days and we finally got stuck into making some invites to the eldests 21st birthday party. We are having an afternoon tea with an Alice in Wonderland/Vintage High Tea theme so we are hoping people will dress up!

We designed the front using some stamps, photocopied them and then coloured them with watercolours.

Then we cut them to size ...

... and stuck them onto a bi-fold card ( actually we used up some old art journals and sketch pads!)

A while ago I bought some beautiful dyed doiley bits from Megan at FreshVintageCrafts and they were so pretty I thought we could use them for the cards. Sadly I had bought mostly large ones and they were just too big to fit! No time to get more so I decided to have a crack myself !  I think it is best left to the experts - I only had food colouring which is probably ok for cards - lets just hope none of them get wet! The colours of the ones Megan  makes are really crisp and gorgeous - mine are a bit motley!

After stitching on the buttons we glued them to the cards.

All done! Yay!

Of course we had to design and print the words for the inside - thankfully the local library has Publisher so that was pretty easy. It was neat to spend time with girls crafting and I am glad we went this way instead of getting something printed - it would have been less time consuming but no-where near as good for my spirit or my wallet! Now it is off to the Post Office!


Melissa said...

They are brilliant
cant wait

BOB & MABEL said...

They look amazing, much better than anything mass produced.

Kellie Christie said...

Your invitations look fantastic! Lets hope that everyone gets into the spirit and dresses up.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, they look fantastic - how clever you all are.

Anonymous said...

OOOh. good job darlings!!x Kath