Saturday, April 10, 2010

European Travels

Jay over at Finki has put up pics from everyone joining in the Monthly Design Challenge. The theme for March was "European Travels". I decided to make a reliquary of sorts - but one that could be worn. I hunted up some bits and pieces in my stash and this is what I came up with ...

It is a longish necklace  with plenty of elements for interest!

It comprises a beaded chain using amozonite, crystal, vintage chandelier crystals and souvenir coins from Venice and a real coin from France. It is finished with some buff colored rayon fabric. An altered watch case  holds the "memories" and I included a tassle with beads and charms.

The reliquary has a collaged background - I used stamps from the UK, Italy and France. These were three of my favourite countries when I went to Europe as a young woman. I also included an English coin to remind me of the family I met in the UK and a little key because having the opportunity to travel as I did when I was 20 really did give me the key to the door of a brand new way of seeing things. I also made a little brass  piece that has the word "home" on it because I certainly came to appreciate my home and my country when I returned from Europe.

 Some of the detail in the beaded chain - a 10 centime piece - I added a patina to it!

 I etched a piece of copper with a Parisian address to make a connecting charm.
To make the tassel I scrounged up an Eiffel Tower charm - such an icon - added some briolettes and a medallion of Our Lady of Loreto - patroness of aviators and air travelers - thought that was kinda appropriate - after all, I made it back in one piece! (You can see it better in one of the pics above)

It was great thinking back on my "Europe days" and all those memories! This is the great thing about the Monthly Challenge - it sets the wheels in motion and gives me a little push to get creative! If you would like to join in or see what other creative types thought of the challenge then head over to Finki and have a gander!

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