Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas is over ....

Well, I guess Christmas is drawing to a close now that everyone is gradually dispersing back to their "real" lives. I gave my daughter a lift to the city yesterday because she had to go back to work and I felt a little sad. I took a stroll along the beach whilst she got ready for said work  - it has been ages since I have managed a tootle along a beach - and I felt better right away - must be the sea air. Or perhaps it is the bountiful treasures that the ocean so kindly leaves for hunter gatherer types like me ...

I can never resist the allure of an interesting shell, I think they hold some sort of spell over me - and to find a couple of pieces of glass that have been rounded and smoothed by the relentless movement of the sea makes me go yipppeeeeee inside. To me they are more beautiful than any gemstone. Another daughter heads back to her life outside the family fold tomorrow and I certainly don't have a beach handy so perhaps I will have to try a little op-shop retail therapy?!


Melissa said...

Dont be too sad, and yes a little op shoppings always good.
I think ever one must have given their presents to the local salvos, the door is almost covered with things,
You can just picture Calvins reaction can't you!!!

Numinosity said...

A walk along the beach always seems to make things right and purifying. I can't figure out how I went from being born on an island to living in interior Alaska and the desert of Arizona!
I had loads of fun shopping in the thrift and antique stores for my own Christmas presents, now i need to put them to use!
Can't wait to see your new finds and creations, Sue.
Happy new Year to you!
xoxo Kim