Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yum yum - it's beginning to feel like Christmas ...

Lots of lively aromas have been circulating around my kitchen today. I have been bitten by the Xmas Bug and have been making yummo preserves for gifts. I had intended to roast and flavour some nuts but when I got to the shops this morning they were practically giving away really ripe mangoes so I had a change of heart and decided Mango Chutney was the go! Then I had to have a quick whip round the oppies to source some jars. When I got home I wandered down to the veggie patch to see if the locusts (we have a plague can you believe it?!) had done much damage and my hungry eyes fell upon the beetroot practically leaping out of the ground .... oh yes Beetroot Relish was calling my name! I had those beauties out if the ground and into the oven in a flash. I made some nuts too - soy,ginger and garlic almonds and cashews - tasty tasty! I'm gonna bake me some biscuits tonight - gingerbreads with honey icing and cardomon wafers which should stink up the kitchen with lots of Christmassy smells.

Oh and the locusts haven't done much damage despite neighborhood reports of the complete decimation of Chinese Cabbages and the like! Phew!


Numinosity said...

It all sounds so good and it's so satisfying to make your own food for gifts. Now if you could just make chocolate covered locusts or something!
Enjoy the holidays!

xoxo Kim

Rustic Tarts said...

Perfect weather at the moment for heating up your kitchen! The jars of goodies all look great.

Anonymous said...

Can practically smell the cardamom wafers - they'd be great with chai. Any chance of sharing your recipe?

Emma said...

Sounds scrummy, Happy Christmas!