Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forgive me if I blather ...

Phew, this last week has been a biggie! I spent the week-end with Melissa of Mogs Designs at the Art at the Hart artists market and I am beyond tired - more like wiped-out, utterly knackered and done in! It was a fantastic fair though - really well organised and catered for - sadly the weather wasn't quite so organised and it was roasting hot in Adelaide yesterday. People still came out and we managed to have a fine time despite looking like we had just run a marathon all day. We also had plenty of lovely visitors. Christina from Rustic Tarts popped by and gave us the most delicious baked goodies I have ever tasted - macaroons and divine slices - that gal can COOK! I was also the lucky recipient of some very nice teaspoons - thanks Christina. Miss Kath Pathwalker also came to play and ensured we had beer to go with our lunch - and since the bar wouldn't make us a shandy insisted on extra cups and a can of lemonade so we could DIY ! The stallholders were all terrific - it is great to be associated with such talented people creating quality work.
Before I show you our Art at the Hart stall, here is a peek of my stall on Thursday night at The Art Bazaar - it was really busy because people look forward to the event and spend up accordingly so I only had time for one photo!
I had some really great feedback and even won a prize for having the best presented stall!
I had a BIG day in the studio on Friday and made some lovely things to take along to Art at the Hart ...

Some more "tinnies" - tin and laminex birdy brooches - people were surprised to discover they were handcut and riveted rather than just glued.

It looked very pretty and inviting and our customers certainly seemed intrigued with the variety of our creations.
These are some of Melissas beautiful journals, cards and purses along with Ellen's very sweet papercuts.

Melissa also revamped some clothes and I must say that given it was 36 degrees in the shade on Saturday it was a testament to their loveliness that we sold so many 'cos it was a bit warm to be trying on cardies and jackets! Aren't they great?

One more gratuitous shot to show you how we made our little piece of 3 metre by 3 metre space into 'home' for two days.  Now it is all packed up and as soon as I am able to make my weary tootsies co-operate the car needs to be unpacked and the damp (it rained today) tablecloths washed ... maybe it will all keep until tomorrow?


Numinosity said...

Congratulations on the prize. It looks like you deserved it!
It looks like a really fun booth to visit.
xoxo Kim

deborah from collagewhirl said...

Just admiring your lovely setup and creations! Congratulations :-)


Rustic Tarts said...

Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to you before we left, but Harry Potter was waiting for us in a cool, inviting cinema!
Hope you sold lots - your stall looked terrific. You will be a real expert in setting up, with so many in such a short time.
Well done.