Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anatomy of a Necklace

It all began with a watch case ...

I removed the innards and gave it a a bit of a scrub with the brass brush. Note to self: protect glass before attacking with brass brush.

I applied a patina , wiped it off and then lightly sanded the whole thing. This gives the aged appearance I was hoping for.

Next I made some coils using a whizz-bang little tool - that I hardly ever use, preferring a knitting needle as a mandrel - it was very quick and neat!

Just look at these tidy coils! They have been brushed and cleaned up ready to attach as decorative elements to the watch case.

To attach the coils I have drilled holes through the watch case and threaded wire through them and the coils, finishing with a wrapped loop at the top. This provides the hanging mechanism.

Making links from steel wire is a pretty grubby process so I made these before I started playing with the "pretties" - that is the beads and crystals I had in mind to use.

Here I have combined beads, pearls and other bits and pieces with my links to form part of the chain that the watch case will hang from.

I have riveted a piece of chandelier glass to metal to create an interesting element for the chain.

 The watch case has been filed with charms and beads that move around freely. I decoupaged some paper from an old book onto the back of the watch too.

 A dangle added to the bottom and it is all done!

I have used a long piece of ready-made belcher chain to join the bead chain that I have made so the necklace is very long. It dangles to the waist. It looks so much lovelier 'in-situ' on a body than it does in these photographs!


Enchanted Moments said...

I really, really like this piece...I bet you do too....very nice...

nadine paduart said...

i am impressed by this anatomy. in fact. it is the veru first anatomy that doesn't scare me!
wonderful creation.

Two Dog Pond said...

You are the DIVA! This is beautiful and clever and amazing and... wow!