Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Urban Tribal Romantic Decay Industrial Recycled - errm - goodies?

Ok so I can't quite figure out what to call this range! The materials I have used have a sort of urban/industrial feel but the style is sort of tribal. I used some pearls and shiny bits which always makes me think Romance ... Ah well have a squizz and see what you can come up with!

This pendant is made from an assortment of beads, tin, cogs and beach finds. And a little birdy bone. I did not eat the donor. Promise. I found the bone all bleached and smooth washed up on a beach. Truly.

I used bronze wire that I formed into a ring to string them on. The pendant hangs from a leather and chain necklace. I made the bail from recycled pewter.

Next up, some ear-rings.

I only had a skerrick of this lovely old rusted tin so I was treating it like a precious metal. I have used recycled pewter to add some strength and pearls provide a nice contrast whilst picking up on the gentle colours in the tin. Mmmm - rust is purdy ...

Something non-rusty. I cut the discs from reclaimed brass and bashed them about and patinaed them. Using chips. That is a dear little amozonite bead swinging from the bottom.

Back to the rusty, distressed gear ...

Again I have used pewter to provide a sound sub-structure for the old tin - great colour huh? Again I couldn't resist the juxtaposition of the pearls - just teeny freshwater ones this time!

So there you have the bare bones of a range I hope to grow. I guess the rusty ear-rings are not for the feint-hearted but they are stylish nonetheless. I think. Aren't they? (arrgggh - I hate it when the Inner Critic sits on my shoulder and whispers doubting doubts in my ear ...)


Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Firstly I'm here to vouch for the birdy bone....they are really hard to find on the beach and I remember when we found one, this one I reckon, from over Wallaroo way. Secondly, LOVE the range what ever you wanna call it. How about UrbanTribe.

Emma said...

A lovely range with all the pewter & delicate pearls mix. How bout Pewter n Pearls? ;)