Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thrifting Goodness

 Seems the thrifting stars were aligned for me this week 'cos I hunted up some lovely treasures ...

This gorgeous pearl necklace is in its original case. The op shop lady sold it to me for three bucks because it was broken - apparently it was in one piece when they got it but someone tried it on and it broke!

All the stones on that amazing clasp are intact - woo hoo!

A lovely stack of very sweet doilies - all between 10 and 20 cents each - unheard of these days!

Aren't they pretty - and they have handmade lace edging too.

 Without doubt this is my favourite find - half of an old pair of specs. The lens is seriously magnifying and the case is all rusty and crusty - gorgeous!

Creamy, dreamy old buttons ...

Creamy,dreamy mother-of-pearl buttons - yummo!

A collection of beady bits and pieces that are clearly not vintage but have some potenial for remaking.

That big silver ball by Tiffany and Co has a sterling silver stamp on it (925) and the necklace has a hallmarked tag but I am not really sure if they are real. I looked up the brand and it seems to me there are quite a few knock-offs. Doesn't matter overly to me - I only discovered the tag when I got home - I just thought that the metal beads would come in handy and were well worth the dollar I paid for them.
Joining in with the gang over at Sophies. Did you get to the oppies this week?


Melissa said...

sooo pretty

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Yum scrum! Good job!

Bec said...

Nice haul. Well done.

Helen and her Daughters said...

Lovely Finds, I love the necklace!