Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the wing.

I have put together a necklace using my little enamel birds. For this one, I have used a mix of blister pearls, rose quartz and a little milky briolette to swing off the bottom.

I collaged a vintage chandelier glass with some Asian paper - I love how it magnifies the script slightly,

 I think this is a very gentle piece. Somehow it has a very feminine and ethereal quality. I am happy.

I decided to give the red one a much simpler treatment.

 Just a few little beads and blingy bits to highlight my little red swallow.

I cut the leather thonging from a leather skirt I bought in a thrift store ages ago - it was a great colour but a really outdated design - not to mention I feel my red leather days are a thing of the past!
Now I am off to put them in my madeit store.


Jo said...

These are lovely. I like the birds.

nicole said...

how beautiful!
i love the vintage chandelier glass beads.

Rustic Tarts said...

I am giving your readers and shoppers one more day before I snap up your red enamel bird warned everyone!