Monday, October 11, 2010


 Blogtoberfest (Day 11)

 Not the ones that hold the bevvies silly - the ones desperate to be cut up and made into something lovely! The obsession with sweet birdies continues. I can't seem to stop making them! Sunday seemed to be a brooch day so I gave in to the impulse, fished out some cut up tins and laminex and set to ...

 On the workbench ready to be cut out.

 In flight - before brooch-pin-attachment-procedure.

I love that the front one looks like a cross-stitch!
And here are the finished articles.

This last one looks like it just might be a Christmas bird - oh my, did I just drop the "cee" bomb?!
The backs are made of laminex samples and all the bits - pin and eyes are rivetted on - good and proper so they are strong and wearable!
I am not sure if you remember me posting about some vintage lino that I snaffled from atop a cupboard at the oppie but it has been sitting around cluttering up the place for yonks. It caught my eye today so I decided to try it out as a birdy too. Voila!

This little sweetie is staying with me. Everything went wrong with this one from whoa to go. It was difficult to cut (last one/tired hands?), had a really grubby mark that I didn't notice at first, the riveting went badly and on top of all that it had a serious 'response' to an attempted clean up of said grubby spot with eucalyptus oil! Sheesh! In the end though I rather like her shabby vintage appearance. I hope to have the others up on madeit very soon.


Finki said...

I love the shabby one too, very chic ( ;

collecting feathers said...

I love these, paricularly the lino one. Very nice

Enchanted Moments said...

These look fantastic...!

Melissa said...

just beautiful