Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walk of Shame.

Blogtoberfest (Day 23)

Or should that be "Blog of Shame?" I rarely shop at that well-known fabric chainstore  (the one that shall remain nameless but isn't Lincraft), but today I am afraid I succumbed. I had a minor beading emergency so I made a quick dash into the nearest Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named on my way to the city. I can't really be held accountable. It wasn't really my fault. Those tricky marketing people decided to have a SALE. Oh and not just any sale - oh no, a 50% OFF sale! What was a girl to do?

 Shameful isn't it? But there were RED beads - at silly prices. My name is Sue and I am a sale junkie. I am trying hard not to have buyers remorse - and looking at those very RED beads is easing the pain of my considerably lighter wallet!  Happily, I managed to heave my stash of goodies through the checkout and hightail it out of the carpark without a backward glance. Phew! I met my eldest daughter for lunch. We ate in a beachside cafe - although it was a  bit too windy to enjoy al fresco today. We had a lovely catch up and she presented me with these ...

How cute are these tiny handcarved stamps! Just gorgeous. She picked them up at the markets on a recent visit to Sydney. I really like them and I am sure they will get a good workout. Nice of my girl to think of her dear old Ma whilst she was swanning about in Sydney don't ya think?As an added bonus I managed a quick catch-up with my other daughter before she had to go to work. What a great day!
I am feeling a little guilty ( not just about the beady splurge!) because I haven't quite managed to blog every day or visit as many others joining in Blogtoberfest as I would like. Guess I am going to get a "could do better if she applied herself" on my report card!


Ro Bruhn said...

Don't feel guilty Sue, I'm off to that store today, sometimes there's no other choice, they're the only store I know that has the dye I use in my sun prints.
I love the stamps your daughter bought for you too.

Anonymous said...

Too many confessions in one post! Ha!

Melissa said...

Love the stamps,
Reeeeeddddddddd bbeeeeaaadddddsss
It's not your fault at all, they lurred you in!

Enchanted Moments said...

Have you seen old copies of MY report cards????
I think you have...x

Numinosity said...

Your secret shame is safe with me since I'm not familiar with that chain but I'm sure it's akin to being caught at a Walmart here- A place I have steadfastly refused to patronize and then every once in awhile really need something that only they carry.
Those stamps are definitely cool. I look forward to seeing them in your work.
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

OOOOhh and AAAhhh....Double bonus points for child number one!! Definately gets the 'good' child award for the week!! xx Kath P.W.