Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scribbles ...

Strangely, I am feeling the urge to fill up my journal with ideas. I say strangely because I would have thought that the amount of food and alcohol I have consumed lately may have curbed my creative impulses! Not true apparently and I am scribbling away like  a madwoman - ok so the bit about being mad is probably no surprise but the fact that the stuff I am thinking about is for an exhibition in August is, quite frankly, ASTOUNDING!

Of course I find that yet again I have ideas that exceed my current skill-set - meh - what is life without a little bit of challenging endeavor? For now I am just gonna keep on scribbling and probably making a few prototypes ( damn my design-by-making brain!) and see where it leads. How about you - now that there is a little lull are you feeling creative or do you just want to lounge about and soak up sun?


Numinosity said...

I'm feeling creative, just trying to put the food and alcohol to use as you have. I just need to get a tad more grounded and then I hope it will flow before the next wave of holiday makers show up.
Good for you on the scribbling though, I've never been able to design like that, it's always a big pile of components in front of me that I arrange and rearrange.
Soaking up a bit of afternoon sun on the patio is nice and a walk to the gym , picking up rusty bits along the way.
xoxo Kim

Rustic Tarts said...

I like what I can see in those sketches - keep going! And the way this year has gone, August will be here before you know it.