Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shout out ..

to - outstanding South Aussie artist, Julie Blyfield who has won the prestigious Waterhouse Prize - yay!

These are her beautiful vessels - I have seen some of her work that is similar and I'm afraid that photos simply don't do them justice. I nabbed this pic from here. You can read more about Julie's win here and all about the Waterhouse finalists here. Julie was an early member of the Gray Street Workshop here in Adelaide. The Gray Street jewellers are an Adelaide legend - have a squizz at their history on their website. Let me show you some of Julie's other work - sigh.

image from here

Such beautiful delicate and organic forms. Their delicacy isn't really captured in photos but trust me - they are gorgeous and I would probably sell my first-born child to own one ( sorry Em!). The Jam Factory held a retrospective of her work this year and I spent an age looking and sighing over her work - it was actually a very serene and peaceful experience, the intrinsic ambiance of the work envelops you when you see it all grouped together like that. So yay for Julie - long may she wield her tools!

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Melissa said...

Julie was one of my fav. art teachers