Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There has of late, been rumblings of protest in some quarters with regard to my proliferation of twee woodland critters. You can read about that here. It would seem though, that despite the gentle chiding and not-so-gentle forehead slapping, cute  is in fact quite hard to resist! I am pleased to share with the world that a former denouncer has now become a collaborator in my collecting adventure. Let me set the scene :
A tour of my studio reveals a number of woodland critters that The Denouncer (as she will henceforth be known) had not spied before and I was positively grilled about their sudden appearance. "Bah" I said, "I have had those for ages. Yes, even the little goat ..." She bestowed upon me a sceptical glance but spared me any argument. Next stop was the oppie with the usual rummage through the racks, the corsetry, books and bric-a-brac. I had finalised my purchase when The Denouncer plucks a small palstic prize  from a basket. A miracle really given the overflowing nature of the basket. With a grand flourish she presented it to me saying "I think this belongs in your collection. You have to take it home!Be still my beating heart I thought - The Denouncer is renouncing her denouncing ways (try saying that 3 times, really fast!)

Well of course she was right - that was way more vintage plastic than I could resist. Still, I was gob-smacked by the Denouncer's enthusiasim and I felt tears of joy pricking my eye-lids at the thought of future joint collecting adventures now that we were paddling in the same direction ...

I must confess though that I thought there might be an ulterior motive for all that enthusiasim. Perhaps there was an expletive graffitied on my little friend? I examined her closely and no, she was graffiti and expletive free.

Hhmm - I was still harbouring suspicions as I handed over my fifty-cents ..

I turned her this way and that and finally it dawned on me. My dear little Alpine gal was wearing what can only be described as "the f*ck-off  face". Oh yeah, you had better believe it - clearly The Denouncer spotted it way before I did. This is the look that parents of teenagers become familiar with at some point (generally around the same time you look at your partner in bewilderment and say "But he/she was such a sweet  toddler!?"). Oh bitter disappointment - I had been all ready to welcome The Denouncer to the dark-side - or should that be the cute-side?  Despite this evidence to the contrary, I am clinging to  forlorn hope and choosing to believe that The Denouncer is mending her anti-cute ways. With this act she is in fact encouraging me to collect my little heart out. I will not allow my faith in that to be shaken by one wee maid with that look on her face - no, no I will not! And in the meantime I believe a gauntlet has been thrown down and a campaign of CUTE may well be underway!


NessaKnits said...

She looks an evil little Hummel to me.

Anonymous said...

She shall be known as "Hannah" keeper of the flock. She shall watch over the ever expanding number of kitsch creatures in the studio/house/car menagerie (currently numbering 35 in the studio alone!!) and give "that look" - but only when she needs too. I love her!!! She's an inspiration!! Love always, the Libran Denouncer. x