Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bust Refurbishment

They were tired, a bit shabby and a quite careworn. It was time to take action and restore them to their former perky glory. So it was with a trembling hand that I began the deconstruction that led to the re-construction and refurbishment of my now lovely busts!

See, this one has definitely seen better days and I have come to dread displaying jewellery on it.

Now with the help of the hot-glue gun and a bit of gumption, I have several like the one below. I plan to Scotchguard them all before I use them.

I had some concerns about the colour and used the "wrong" side because the stripe was much less defined. It turns out that it is quite neutral and different colours look ok on it.

This bright one still stands out against the background of the new bust - in fact I like it better than on black, sometimes the black can suck the colour right out of the jewels!

This one has more earthy tones and I think it looks fine on this background too. Thank goodness because it was quite an adventure with the glue gun - I'm surprised I can type this, given the number of times I burnt my fingers! Hot-Glue is the best of stuff and the worst of stuff!

Still, the pain and suffering have proven to be worth it 'cos I am happy with the result, feel righteous in my recycling and didn't have to fork out a whole bunch of cash to replace those poor old busts.
( my very own bust could do with some refurbishment too but I don't think hot glue is gonna do the trick - thank goodness for underwires!)


Melissa said...

The "new" busts look fabulous, great fabric choice.

Finki said...

they look fabulous, much better than the black. I can't even think how you got it too look so sculpted and perfect. well done.

sue said...

OH Jay - the secret is in the stretch in the fabric - and some old fashioned tugging!