Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well, it is Sunday so time to join in Sophie's meme and share this weeks Flea Market Finds.
On Friday I had some time up my sleeve and got to check out a few Oppies in the city. I was pretty underwhelmed by the stock and gob-smacked at the prices! Still, I did manage to ferret out a few pieces ...

This cloth has been handmade for sure. I am getting a few of these together and plan to dye them for my daughters' High Tea themed 21st Birthday Party.

Who could resist this lovely basket? Not me obviously! It is in excellent nick and only cost $1.95 - it had to come home with me at that price - I mean you can't blame a girl ...

This pretty bangle is enamelled and has already been claimed by the eldest daughter! It is actually a very pretty robins egg blue but some how that hasn't shown up well in the photo.

Now these will probably get all you knitters out there salivating - vintage pattern books. I don't knit and the instructions look very complex but I loved the glam girls pictured within the booklets.

 I mean just check out these two- totally glam and just a little bit saucy!

A knitted cap for fashion and practicality - flirty and fun!

And this stylish minx all ready for a spot of yodelling or knee-slapping!
Love them all!

When I come across images like these, I am immediately transported to a time that seems, to my 21st Century eyes, to be a bit quieter, a little less rushed - maybe a gentler time. I mean who has time these days to remember their matching hat and gloves as you are barreling out of the door trying to get kids to school and you to work on time? And as for having the fortitude to knit yourself an entire suit ... well it beggars belief! Hope you all had some fun and luck in the oppies this week!


We Blog Artists said...

GREAT finds...and that basket is perfect to fill with gifts for someone...don't you just love these markets? I don't go to enough of them over here in the UK they're dotted around everywhere.
Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Love the pattern pics!
I have a treasure or 2 for the high tea.

Amanda said...

that tablecloth is great! and what a groovy 21st theme

marian said...

i love collecting vintage pattern books too..aren't the pictures fun!

Vic said...

Hehehe... I love that you bought the knitting pattern books, even though you don't knit!!! You are a nutter after my own heart... ;)

Kate said...

I love that crocheted table cloth and I love the theme for your daughter's 21st. I love that you bought those pattern books for the pictures not for the patterns. All great finds.

Snooze said...

Vintage knitting patterns seems to be one of the few things left that are in relatively good knickand not too expensive ... and yours are great. Time to learn to knit?