Saturday, January 30, 2010


Some days are diamonds - and this was one of them! Perfect venue (the park), perfect guests (friends and family), perfect weather (hot but with a gentle southerly) and the perfect reason to celebrate - Felixs' First Birthday!
Check out some of the yummy treats!
Yummo - happy- face cupcakes! Mostly the adults enjoyed these - the kids loved the fruit kebabs and mini pies and pasties!

The cup-cakes looked so lovely on the stand I think people were reluctant to take one and wreck the display - not me, I tucked right in!

The whole thing looked pretty inviting.

I couldn't resist making some owly biscuits to tie in with the theme - they kept the dinosaur  and giraffe bickies company.
All in all it was a HOOT! (sorry but it had to be said!)


Melissa said...

Yummy food, love the HOOTIE owl biccies, Hope Felix enjoyed his day.

Rustic Tarts said...

a gorgeous day = love the biscuits, you clever thing!